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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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peaceful protests in ferguson overnight. but we are just moments away from a major announcement about the officer who shot and killed michael brown. and low clouds and drizzle around san francisco. some light rain around the santa cruz mountains this morning. we'll talk about that and some 90s in the forecast, coming up. unexpectedly heavy back-up via the bay bridge. crash in livermore could cause problems this friday already. taking a live look outside, look at that, sun arrived this friday morning, august 15th over the bay area, this is "today in the bay". from nbc bay area, this is
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"today in the bay." good morning, and thanks for joining us on this sleepy friday morning, i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update now to the shooting death of an unarmed teen in missouri. any moment now ferguson police plan to release the name of the officer who actually pulled the trigger, killing 18-year-old michael brown nap shooting sparked violent protests which seem to have come to an end last night. on the left of your screen, you see the overnight video of peaceful protests, keeping order, huge difference compared to what you see on the right when police launched tear gas into the streets just the night before. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is now with the very latest developments on this story. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, laura, we did see a quick shot of the live pictures there in ferguson, missouri, where people are starting to prepare for that press conference. some think that perhaps police
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are releasing it there because some of the people will be sleeping and perhaps to help keep the calm there. however, a lot of developments, good ones really, calm ones, in a town that's been home to four straight nights of silent clashes. even though there were hundreds in the streets, there were no violent confrontations, at least none recorded nor reported. instead of lines of police in riot gear, you had state troopers walking with the protesters in a sign of unity. it is a change some may attribute to the switch in who's heading up the security there replacing the police chief is missouri highway patrol captain ron john. a ferguson resident himself who was borned and raised in the area. here he is talking about the hope the community may keep moving forward. >> hopefully that they'll go home and say you know what, this is going to be all right. and we gain a sense of trust. >> i was extremely excited, almost emotional to the point of tears because the unity between
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the people regardless of the race, everybody holding hands, lifting up their hands. >> so calmer in ferguson, but protests spread. >> reporter: there were more than # 0, in new york, police arrested ten people for resisting arrest to inciting a riot. police say they ran through streets and blocked protest. now in oakland, another is organized by occupy oakland, slated to happen at 6:00 tonight. we're going to, i think, go back to taking a shot of right there you see the podium set up with the microphones. we're waiting for police there to get ready to talk to the media about again the name of the officer accused of shooting 18-year-old michael brown last week. we'll bring you of course the very latest. we did learn that the man in charge of leading the department of justices investigation, civil rights federal investigation into this shooting actually is a bay area man. tony west. born in san francisco, raised in san jose. went to the bellerman college prep in the south bay.
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and later would go to stanford law. there's a bay area connection there, back to you laura. >> thank you very much. we will continue to follow. all morning long we'll have the very latest on the on the we'll always update our website as well. well this morning san jose police hope to learn more about the woman who was shot and killed by officers yesterday after allegedly threatening them. before that, her family. cell phone video taken in south san jose shows a woman appointing what appears to be a gun in the officers there. officers tell her to drop the weapons and put her hand up, but she didn't. officers shot her. that weapon turned out to be a cordless power drill painted black. you can see that the police department put out yesterday, it was painted in a flat black paint and looked very much like a weapon. 911 caller initially told police that the woman was threatening her family with an uzi, of
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course that turned out not to be true. the family says that the woman had bipolar disorder. people in san carlos are fighting back with a lawsuit. city council voted last month to turn the parking lane on holly street into another traffic lane to reduce congestion. residents say it'll do more harm than good. parking is currently restricted only during commute hours. it would ban parking from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. attorney representing the residents say they did not adequately notify them ahead of the vote and the description was not clear. residents are threatening to sue if the city county does to the repeal the ordnance. the city says it doesn't believe there was any misunderstanding with the ordnance. today a new appeal to overturn san francisco's water front height limits. this afternoon the state land commission will decide whether it'll move forward with a lawsuit against san francisco. back in june, voters passed prop
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b. that makes it so that anyone who wants a new building taller than 105 feet on the water front will have to get it approved by voters. just yesterday, the warriors announced plans for their new arena and some of the ideas would exceed the limits placed out by prop b. 6:05 on friday morning, time to check that microclimate forecast. let's take a live look outside, can you make up the city? yep, city by the bay, san francisco this morning. several colleges actually back to school today. contra costa college, diablo valley college. let's check the forecast with rob mayeda in for christina. . >> interesting compared to the drizzle and light rain over san francisco and my shoulder, the coast. mostly clear right now. and speaking of the colleges here. going back to school for you today, we have temperatures around san pablo, contra costa college in the mid-80s through the afternoon. another stop for you, out to pleasant hill, diablo valley college, one of the warmer spots
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out by pleasant hill. upper 0u in the forecast, and finally head over to pittsburgh with -- pittsburg, close to 90 at the college. pretty nice start for your friday there with just a patch or two of low clouds. you're seeing that. certainly in towards san francisco, we have the low clouds, 61 degrees, mist over at&t park right now and later on this evening at 7:15. first pitch with the phillies and giants. game you can catch here on nbc bay area. drizzle at times, a bit of light rain on the santa cruz mountains this morning. as we head towards the afternoon, clearing skies inland and a warm day in the valleys, 80s to some low 90s possible today. and you'll see the temperatures kind of warming up maybe a couple more degrees for your saturday. 85 degrees in san jose. upper 60s, closer to san francisco. oakland, 78 during the midafternoon. then toward the evening with the raiders game coming up at 7:00. temperatures cooling from first kick off time there at about 72
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degrees dropping to the 60s through the evening, mike. you know we're looking over at the bay bridge from the emeryville camera and this is a factor as folks drive across. we cannot longer see the tower there. we can see the curve heading in and out of treasure island. smooth drive, but may have slowed down the lights just in preparation for lower visibility. look at the toll plaza. we have a big back-up that formed quickly it morning before 6:00. about 6:52 i saw the lights turn on and the back up slammed down, now the fast track lanes are moving visibly. that's a much better flow than we saw before. now look at the maps, aside from this big backup there, the maize itself moves smoothly and so does the east shore freeway. typical friday commute around the rest of the east bay. big backup through livermore for westbound 580. crash blocking one lane as you're approaching north livermore past first street. one lane is blocked and the big backup as you're approaching the
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interchange. anywhere west of airway, you're clear in through dublin, lighter. look at the live camera at el charro. light flow of traffic here. we'll experience a lighter volume as well. we'll look at the rest of the bay. aside from the crash at livermore, relatively mild commute right here, northbound 101 through san jose just starting early slow down which is typical pattern for friday, and we're also talking of course by san jose unified schools coming off the lane, and morgan hills, south bay. watching at those south bay school areas, school zones, use caution of course. >> watch for the kids. very important. >> parents especially. everybody's in a rush. >> never. oh so early. it is 6:09 now, still ahead on "today in the bay," hello to one stadium, good-bye to another.
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new details about this weekend's nfl debut.
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at 6:12, here's today's top stories. police will release the name of the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. brown's death has sparked violent clashes, but last night, protests were peaceful. things calmed down. instead of the lines of police and s.w.a.t. officers in riot gears, state troopers walked along the side crowd as a sign of unity. this morning, fremont police are searching for suspects in two recent home invasions.
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the late et cetera happened around 4:30 tuesday morning at a home at a high end gated community. police say two men held the homeowners at gunpoint and demanded valuables and financial information. a controversial bill to allow public access to martin's beach is headed to the assembly floor for a vote. the bill asks the state land's commission to negotiate a deal with the land owner to allow access to the popular beach. venture capitalists closed that road to the beach in 2010. in the words of the beatles, you say good-bye, i say hello. today levi stadium is saying howdy, preparing for its nfl debut and overnight candlestick park said bye bye forever. zblfrts let's start out with a big hello to levi stadium. that is where "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live this morning. now, the 49ers are going to be hosting the broncos this weekend
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for a preseason game, bob. >> reporter: preseason opener, first nfl game to be held here in santa clara. preseason game this sunday at 1:00. they are expecting a sellout crowd of roughly 70,000 people. now remember a couple weeks ago, they had the first game here, soccer game, earthquakes game and they had 22,000 people -- >> hey bob, are you sure you're not at candlestick, it's windy this morning. we're having trouble hearing you. maybe we'll get a chance to adjust your mike there a little bit. because they are making a lot of preparations under way for this big preseason home opener. there was so much concern over the opening of the earthquakes game that happened there. they had a lot of problems with parking, people getting in and out, vta problems as well. they're really trying to iron that all out. as well as our ironing out some audio issues this morning. we'll check in with bob a little bit later in this newscast.
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we will say good-bye to candlestick park. sir pat mccartney rocked the crowd, including yours truly over here. it was an amazing good-bye show. ♪ >> love for sir paul, no love for the traffic problem there. it took up top three hours for some people to get into the stadium there. the problem was they had to listen to the part of the concert from the comfort of their cars. well, nannette miranda joins us live from candlestick this morning. it really was a problem getting in and out. >> reporter: totally a big mess. many would say that the final public event here at candlestick was spoiled because of the crazy traffic and muni issues. imagine trying to see paul mccartney and your tickets are hundreds of dollars, only to be stuck in traffic, gridlock or
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long lines to get on a shuttle here. in fact, long after the concert started, cars were still backed up for miles trying to get in. you had concert traffic mixed in with the regular commute traffic. it' it's easy to see how people misjudged or thought they could get here on time. most are on weekends and fans don't come. all at once. some come super early to tailgate and the crowd is in a metered flow. not last night, it happened all at once. leaving the concert was just as messy. >> it is insane. i've been in this crud for over two hours. right here at candlestick. >> reporter: i looked at the twitter feed for the concert and people were given a reprieve with the show starting almost an hour late. and some just gave up trying to get here. others said that they abandoned their cars in a nearby neighborhood and walked the rest
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of the way. but this is a once in a lifetime concert. i heard it was spectacular, laura, i'm sure you can attest to that and those who actually got to see it didn't really complain. live at candlestick, nannette miranda, "today in the bay." >> you're right, it was rough trying to get to the concert, hearing it start, people listening in their cars. once you got inside and you saw paul mccartney, everything just melted away. i mean he was that good. it was wonderful to be there at the concert. if i look tired this morning, you'll know why. >> can we let them in on the secret. >> he hasn't been home. >> i came straight to work. >> took a nap here. >> dedication. >> and i was out there, i was tweeting as i was out there, final fare well to candlestick, this is one of the many pyrotechnics they for the show out there. and you know, he got emotional about it too. it was the last place that the beatles played together as a group. but you know, he really served
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the crowds out there encore after encore and you could see that young kid from liverpool in him. it was amazing. really, really great. >> candlestick, not quite as i remember it. >> maybe his next concert will be at levi stadium. >> here's hoping, right? tickets for that and get you chauffeur next time. >> you know who's there is bob redell, they're going to have to pull things together too. the parking problems at candlestick leaving those behind, but they had a taste of a little problem when they had a game with the earthquakes there. hopefully they'll get thinged ironed out this weekend. zbrr you might recall, people had a long time getting to their parking spot and after the game, hour long wait on the trails. all those involved, vta, santa clara city police. the city itself, and the team. they have met, they've made tweaks to try to make life easier for people coming to the preseason opener here at levi stadium at 1:00. vta, they are going to have an extra express bus lean.
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so they'll have six instead. five. running extra trains and bussing running in parallel with the train routes to the stadium. traffic wise, the city will open more lanes on the major routes into the stadium, the engineers have tweaked the traffic signals. it'll be more policemaning the intersections that caused the biggest havocs. more portable signs to direct signs and more parking spots available. and the parking lot which was not open two weekends ago. one thing the team would like fans to do. you've got, you received customized directions to your parking spot. they would like you to actually follow the direction apparently people weren't doing that, and they believe that might have contributed to the issues that happened two weekends. weekends ago when the earthquakes played here at levi stadium. when the earthquakes were playing. they only had about 48,000 this people. this weekend they're expecting 70,000. it'll be interesting to see what impacts it has.
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>> all right. beer and bratwurst, they better get ready. >> stay clear if you're not going. but in any case, wherever you're going, the weather's going to be perfect. >> yeah, for the levi stadium, santa clara looks quite nice. if you're heading to at&t park tonight, it'll be cool as we see the low clouds and mist around san francisco right now. you see the cloudy skies, mainly to the north of san jose wrooer at 61 degrees in san francisco. that is a view of at&t park across the peninsula over towards ben loma. you have light rain falling this morning. let's show you at&t right now. 61 degrees and coming up later on this evening, at 7:00, we have the phillies taking on our san francisco giants. again we can catch this on nbc bay area, 65 degrees or close to it around first pitch time. there is a look at the low clouds which switched inland. not so much around san jose this morning. we have a area of low pressure. squishing them down on the coast
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giving the drizzle and mist at times along the west side of the santa cruz mountains and again tonight. low clouds spilling back across the bay. near 85 degrees today in san jose. should see upper 60s around san francisco, not much of a warm-up for you. oakland 78 degrees where we have the oakland raiders hosting the detroit lions, 7:00 tonight. should see low 70s at kickoff for that game. and notice the tri-valley, low 90s today. that trend should also continue as we go through the weekend with low 90s for saturday, cooler approaching sunday, mike. rob, well it's friday, but look at this, the red number or the number with the red background, west 580 is slammed down. 22 minute drive. look at the break down for west 580. it is jammed approaching isabell and north livermore. crash in the fast lane. but anywhere west of isabell and airway, it's absolutely clear heading to the dublin interchange. this crash still needs a tow truck to clear from west 580 around north livermore avenue. the rest of the bay moves smoothly. show you the bay bridge toll
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plaza. metering lights are on. the fast track lanes continue to show big benefit. they've sped up the metering lights. golden gate bridge shows you way. bay bridge as well as the golden gate bridge. we have fog hitting you midspan. lower them just a tad for caution's sake, back to you. the time is now 6:21, still ahead on "today in the bay." two armish girls missing for hours found safe, but their kidnapper is on the loose. new details about the man hubt next. new effort under way to rename a local landmark after robin williams.
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you're watching "today in the bay." 6:24, welcome back. this is a live look at a beautiful start to this friday morning in san jose. 6:24, two missing amish girls in upstate new york have been found safe. the 12-year-old and six-year-old sisters were missing for just over 24 hours. after witnesses say they were abducted from their family's farm stand by someone in a white sedan. someone dropped off the girls last night and they asked a stranger for help. >> we have the sheriff's department and the fbi speaking with the young ladies. the amish are very private people. so hopefully they will allow us to speak to the girls until we can get the information we need to develop leads necessary to of a-end one or more -- apprehend one or more suspects. >> the girls are home and authorities say they appear to be healthy, just cold and wet. we continue to get more details about the days leading up to actor robin williams's death. his wife says the actor was in
6:26 am
the early stage of parkinson's disease when he died. susan snyder says her husband struggled with depression and anxiety. despite his sudden death, fans are remembering the positive moments of william's life. a petition has started on trying to change the name of the waldo tunnel to the robin williams tunnel. and mill valley comedy club where he often performed will hold a special remembrance ceremony on tuesday night. 6:26, still ahead, three home invasions in two weeks. how burglars broke in to a gated community. plus new leadership in iraq, but will it be enough to put an end to the ongoing crisis there? we have a live report coming up next. and incredible video, a swimmer chased by a crocodile. we'll tell you how a bystander scared the reptile away just in time. and we are awaiting a press conference in ferguson, missouri. we're looking live at situation there. the chief of police is set to speak to the protesters there
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and the crowd that has gathered. they expect to release the name of the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. the days of protests seem to be behind ferguson, missouri, and the town has now began peaceful protests as the change in leadership, in law enforcement. gone are the riot gears and s.w.a.t. teams, and in is a ferguson resident who is also the head of the state police. we'll be back. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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for 580 and ladder blocking after the freeway. we'll talk about that as well as what we're losing sielgt of coming up. keeping our eye on the markets as well as there's the opening bell this morning for the friday, august 15th, we'll see how the markets will fare as they've had tough times lately. it is friday though, you made it there. kids waving there. happy to be there. it is friday, august 15th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm kris sanchez. new leadership in iraq. the country's prime minister is stepping aside, will that move help in the ongoing crisis there? "today in the bay's" richard jordan joins us live in washington with developing news on the story. good morning, richard. >> reporter: hi kris, good morning, nouri al-maliki seemed
6:31 am
determined to stay in power, after getting pressure from the u.s., iran, and some in his own political party, it seems that he has done what many were asking him to do, he's resigned. >> reporter: he went on television to announce he would give up his post and his legal challenge against his successor, who stood next to him during his national address. most iraqi leaders feel a new government is critical to the unite the country and president obama agrees. >> we are usualing iraqis to come together to -- urging iraqis to come together. >> reporter: the u.s. plans to continue air strikes targeting terrorists on the ground. northeast of erbil, three armed isis vehicles were hit yesterday. >> we'll keep hitting them unless and until the military
6:32 am
can defend alone against these guys. >> reporter: the administration says u.s. militaried a vieters will come home in a few days, even though isis remains a dangerous enemy. >> threat that they spooz not over. -- suppose not over. we're not breathing a sigh of relief because serving better, things look to be better. >> reporter: a better outlook, but no end in sight yet. and now the new prime minister has 30 days to establish a new government. maliki remains in control of iraq's military until then. kris. >> thank you very much, richard. it is 6:32, friday morning, time to check that microclimate forecast as we take a peek outside, look at that, all falling down at the golden gate bridge. let's check the forecast now with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we are seeing the low clouds, not just reducing visibility, but at times dropping drizzle and light rain. we've been seeing that in the mountains this morning. falling in and around downtown san francisco. 61 degrees currently with the
6:33 am
misty skies crossing over the view between the camera to the bay bridge, but san jose, 58 degrees. we're watching the sun beginning to rise over the hills to the east, 58 degrees right now though. san francisco, different story. you're not going to see the sunrise, instead you may see the windshield wipers going due to the mist around parts of the bay. and the game coming up at at&t park, 65 degrees, a game which by the way between the phillies and giants you can catch right here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00. first pitch coming up at 7:15. so low clouds and drizzle at times for the morning. clearing skies inland, valley tvrps warming quickly. the reason why the low clouds seem so thick this morning, high pressure compressing it down close to sea level or close to ground level this morning. valley temperatures starting to climb up, upper 80s to low 90s in the forecast for today. including areas south of downtown san jose by morgan hill. warm afternoon close to 90 degrees. 85 in san jose. you arer 60s around san francisco and there you see the
6:34 am
low 90s for today. and that trend will continue for the weekend. just a slight cool down heading toward monday as the sea breeze briefly picks up early next week, mike. we have issues for the tri-valley, for the slow down right now. unusually slow for westbound 580, approaching isabell, earlier crash may have made some progress, we had one lane blocked, may have moved it to the right hand shoulder, i do see the shift from red to orange on the approach to the symbol there right around north livermore. anywhere west of airway and isabell, you are moving smoothly. . it's only the folks coming in through livermore that are approaching first and north livermore. the southbound 680 portion around fremont, transition out of sunol, we have lorts reports of a ladder blocking the two left lanes. we may have likely had a traffic break over the last couple of minutes. i see a little slowing there as you ahead out of sunol and in toward fremont. by the time you goat mission, typical flow of traffic there.
6:35 am
the south bay moves very nicely. construction just about cleared, 880, nothing out of ordinary for the build for 101 after an earlier slower start with things sorting themselves out here and around the rest of the bay, north of dum barpten and san mateo bridges moving nicely towards the bay bring. the bay bridge itself, the meteri metering lights are on. it's tough to see the low clouds are drifting through. rob said likely getting drizzle on your windshield as well. fog, visibility's all right, but again the mist is a factor here. another look outside, we'll sheeout toll plaza where they are moving, but the lanes off to the left approach now only back to midparking lot. that's better, we're looking at the golden gate bridge as well where the view is okay from the toll plaza, there is fog across the span, and we do give that warning. we're watching the cars coming towards us. rob calls those our rain sensors on four wheels. >> that's right. >> we see once in a while, little mist is there. >> we investigate. >> exactly. it is 6:35 right now, police
6:36 am
are urging fremont residents to lock up and be prepared after three home invacancies in just two week -- invasions in two weeks. the most recent happened tuesday morning at a home on monticello terrace in a high end investigated community. police say in the latest case, two men burst into a home and held a couple at gunpoint. the gunman took off with the couples valuable and financial information. neighbors think they got in through a hole cut in the fence. police are still looking for the people responsible for two of those home invasions. a former east bay teacher accused of sexually abusing 14 students has been cleared of 21 counts of molestation. concord police arrested joseph martin after a parent claimed the wood sooitd elementary school inappropriately touched her son. other students then came forward also claiming martin inappropriately touched them. but martin's lawyer says the teacher was the victim of mass hysteria. yesterday a jury found martin not guilty of charges involving
6:37 am
three students, then they ended up deadlocked on nearly 100 other charges involving 11 other male students. 6:36, still ahead this morning, a major announcement from sea world about its killer whale enclosures. and incredible new video, a crocodile chases a swimmer in open water. we'll tell you how a bystander got that reptile to turn around in the nick of time.
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it is 6:389 now, new this morning, major changes coming to sea world. the company just announcing it is expanding the habitat for its killer whales at three theme parks including the one in san diego. the new enclosure in san diego will be almost double the size of the current one holding about ten million gallons of water. the changes come in the wake of a documentary black fish which aims to raise public awareness of what activists say amounts to animal cruelty. san diego's new closure is expected to open in 2018. new video this morning, posted to facebook, showing a big crocodile stocking a swimmer. it happened off the coast of mexico at a popular tourist beach. the swimmer was apparently unaware the croc was wagging
6:41 am
behind them. the gap was closing until someone threw something into the water. you see it there. scared that crocodile off. people are usually banned from swimming if there are reptiles in the water, but this one apparently slipped through the cracks. >> or something. >> looks like a cartoon. >> yeah. the person obviously didn't realize he was being trailed. >> yikes. 6:41 now, coming up, a major announcement out of ferguson, missouri, this morning. police are releasing the name of the officer who killed unarmed teenager michael brown. but will the news shatter the newfound peace in this city? plus paul mccartney says good-bye to the stick, the traffic trouble nearly stole the show.
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we bring you breaking news this morning. ferguson police are about to release the name of the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. let's listen in. >> later on some time afternoon we can get together again and then i'll take questions. so i just to want give you a little timeline of what happened on august 9th. from 11:48 to noon, the officer involved in the shooting was on a sick call on glenn ark. there was an ambulance present. at 11:51, there was a 911 call from a convenience store nearby, not this one. at 11:52, dispatch gave a description of robbery suspect over the radio. a different officer arrived at the store where the strong arm robbery occurred. a further description, more detailed was given over the radio, and stated the officer was, the suspect was walking toward quick trip.
6:45 am
our officer left the sick call, he encountered, encountered the -- i'm sorry. at 12:01 p.m., officer encountered michael brown on canfield drive. 12:04, second officer arrived on the scene, immediately following the shooting. and at 12:05, supervisor was dispatched to the scene. and subsequent officers arrived. there has been some questions about the calling of an ambulance. the ambulance that was at the sick case on glenn ark was coming by immediately following the shooting, and they did respond to assess michael brown. i'm going to have some police officers going to be handing out pacts that have all the information that was requested. and the sunshine request concerning the robbery.
6:46 am
we're going to give those pacts, first of all, to those agencies that have made the sunshine request. and then anybody else who wants them, i think we have enough to give out. we've got quite a few. i'm sorry. the officer that was involved in the shooting of michael brown was darin wilson. he's been a police officer for six years. has had no disciplinary action taken against him. he was treated for injuries which occurred on saturday. again, i won't be taking any questions at this time, but the pacts will be hoonded out by my officers. >> fegson, missouri, this morning, that was police chief thomas jackson. finally releasing the name of the officer who shot 18-year-old michael brown. it has sparked so many violent clashes. last night finally the protests were peaceful, but darin wilson
6:47 am
is the name of the officer, he's a six year veteran. interestingly enough, he said no action tab taken against him. that's one we'll continue to follow. in fact stephanie chuang will continue to watch in a news conference that's going on and bring us new developments as well. closer to home though, everybody's talking about candlestick. >> and not necessarily in a good way. the concert was fantastic as we say good-bye to the stick and hello to levi stadium. today levi stadium is preparing for its nfl debut. but overnight, as laura mentioned, was shut down forever by a final concert by sir paul mccartney. >> that was going to be made in the bay area which the 49ers say hello to their new home in santa clara. the ninest host the denver broncos on sunday for the first preseason game. that's where bob redell joins us live. transit agencies are vowing to improve now their game plan to deal with the heavy traffic and crowds. >> reporter: yeah laura and kris. all the parties involved, the
6:48 am
vta, the city of santa clara police and of course the 49ers. they've met since the two weekends ago when they had the earthquakes playing here when there was traffic problems and vta having hour long waits. they have met, they've made tweaks and hopefully life will be easier for fans on sunday. traffic wise, the city will open more lanes into the city, into the stadium. engineers that tweaked the traffic signals, better timing, more police will be manning the intersections that caused the biggest havocs. more portable signs to droekt fans to the parking spots and more spots available. including the massive great america parking lot which was not open the ras time around. one thing the team would like fans to do is follow the customized directions. treat the parking spot apparently many ignored those. the vta wants to avoid the waits fans had after the quake's opener. on this sunday, they will add an extra express bus line. there'll be six instead of five.
6:49 am
they'll run extra trains, and they will have buses running in parallel to the stadium. now when the 49ers take on the broncos on sunday, here at levi stadium at 1:00, this will be a sold out crowd of 70,000 fans. keep in mind, when the earthquakes played here a couple weekends ago, there were only 49,000 people here. you have 22,000 extra people coming here. it's going to be a very full capacity crowd. very interesting to see if the tweaks will be enough to handle that extra capacity. again. preseason opener, 49ers taking on the broncos here at levi stadium sunday, 1:00. reporting live here in santa clara. >> i think even if thing goes perfectly, people have to be expect to be patient as they head there. >> it's pretty nice. but a lot of people sad, saying good-bye to candlestick park. >> yeah. it was a fitting farewell from sir paul mccartney.
6:50 am
the show was fantastic we hear, but getting there was another story we also here. "today in the bay' "today in the bay's" nannette miranda was outside including our own laura garcia-cannon. >> reporter: yeah, poor thing. i would not want to be stuck in that. i looked at the twirt feed for the concert, and judging by the reaction, the traffic was just plain horrible. people though got a bit of a reprieve because the 8:00 p.m. show started an hour late. they got an extra hour to get here. paul mccartney was also stuck in that traffic. people also tweeted that they just gave upcoming here and went home. others abandoned their cars in nearby neighborhoods and walked the rest of the way. but really, this wouldn't be a real candlestick event without the crazy traffic. some taking up to three hours to
6:51 am
get here and going home was equally bad. many would say candlestick's last hurrah was spoiled because of the gridlock traffic and muni issues. people waited hours for a shuttle too. but this is a once in a lifetime event. i heard from laura and others that this was spectacular and that those who made it say they're not complaining. live at candle stick, nannette miranda, "today in the bay." >> once you made it inside, he made everything great, you know. but traffic was tough. i didn't go home last night. i stayed here. honestly. because traffic getting out of there was tough too. it's friday. >> it's friday. >> you're doing great considering. time to check the forecast as we look live at san jose this morning. peek at the forecast, the sun is up. you know, rain, shine, heat, whatever, i'm going to sleep in tomorrow, rob. >> we got this for you. >> aww. >> here you go. >> troop they are morning. >> fill her up.
6:52 am
>> sunshine around san jose as laura gets caffeinated here. let's show you, we're seeing the temperatures around the bay area. sunshine in san jose. sun breaking over the tops of the low clouds. you have low clouds and fog right over at&t park, which by the way, not too long from now, about 12 hours from now will watch the san francisco giants taking on the philadelphia phillies. let's take you into at&t park. that's part of the weather story. they have mist and drizzle coming down right now. should be closer to 65 degrees after 7:00. first pitch at 7:15 and the game and action here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00. now you see the low clouds, napa, concord, hayward, not so much around san jose, but the low clouds will retreat back to the coastline as we head towards the afternoon and temperatures today, at least for the valley will be running a little bit warmer. drizzle at times around san francisco for the morning, valleys warming quickly passing lunchtime, highs there in the upper 0u to low 90s around the tri-valley. areas south of san jose, next couple of days feeling a bit
6:53 am
more like summer. today near 85 degrees in san jose. notice the peninsula, mid-70s around foster city. upper 60s san francisco. another sporting event, low 70s around 4:00 with mostly sunny skies and low clouds creeping in as the game goes on. temperatures there around the tri-valley, low 90s today. weekend should be about the same. we're going to kick off the weekend with the low 90s for the tri-valley. mid-80s around the south bay as we await sunday afternoon, 1:00, levi stadium, we should see the temperatures in the mid-80s as the 49ers she's the broncos this weekend. now for a check of the morning commute, here's mike. as we're looking for the coffee, we know where that is, it's over by garcia-cannon. the traffic, it's not at the dublin interchange, it's held up before you get there. the crash still an issue. we'll hear from chp, it's blocking one lane as you're approaching north livermore. there's the big jam, bearing big benefit for 84 and 580 heading in through livermore.
6:54 am
now the rest of the south bay shows a typical build northbound 101 as you head past capitol expressway and 680 as well. quick peak of fremont heading down through the area. 680, the earliest ladder may have cleared around washington. this is 880 right by the truck skills. back to the maps, we're talking about the south bay and heading up the peninsula in the northbound routes. southbound sides, no problem, we'll see slowing for palo alto likely later on in the morning commute. easy drive approaching the bay bridge. san mateo bridge showing an increase in volume westbound. oakland shows slowing through downtown. quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the lanes on the cash lanes all backed up. fast track continues to lighten. and only back to the end of the parking lot on the left approach. so a lighter flow right now coming out of the maize, back to you. and now to a major development in the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, as we showed you live just a few moments ago, police released the name of the officer accused of shooting the unarmed
6:55 am
18-year-old last weekend. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live with the breaking story and the chief seemed scattered. >> reporter: he sounded unprepared reading from notes as he named the officer who shot michael brown. we believe that he had some confusion earlier with the media, maybe prompting him to release the name of this officer involved in the shooting. we also know that before he had mentioned he did not want to release the name because of threats on social media. let's take a listen. >> the officer that was involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson. he's been of a police officer for six years. has had no, no disciplinary action taken against him. he was treated for injuries. >> reporter: okay and now of course we have our jay gray who is live there, jay, you were right there when the police chief made the announcement, tell us the latest, please.
6:56 am
>> reporter: well stephanie, i think we've learned a lot this morning in a very short time. first as you talked about the name of the officer involved here, darren wilson, six year officer, never disciplined awe you heard the chief say. we learned a little bit about the scenario of how this unfolded that morning. there was a 911 call about a strong armed robbery on a convenience store in this neighborhood. wilson was in the area, and within minutes, came upon michael brown. that's when they encountered each other, confrontation obviously ensued. we learned this morning from the chief that wilson was treated for injuries on saturday. at 12:01 is when he encountered brown. the confrontation, we've been told by police, poured out into the street. and what we also know at this point is there was an ambulance already in the area on a sick call that immediately responded to assess wilson. look behind me as we talk about this. you can see the media that had
6:57 am
gathered here also a lot of police. strong police presence is here. and members of the community who have been pushing for this information for quite some time. frankly, it's what's fueled the protests here. they didn't feel like that was an open investigation. they didn't feel like it was transparent. why wouldn't police gave them the name of the officer involved. that's happened this morning, and they're reacting to that right now. a lot of members of the community who gathered as the chief showed up. you talked about him seeming a little scattered, stephanie, as all of this took place. there have been several reports from sources here that he wasn't comfortable with releasing this name. as you talked about, there was another name floated on the internet, it was wrong, it was someone who's not involved in the investigation, not even a patrol officer, but that officer received death threats, his family was threatened as well. and so there's a great concern about the safety of this officer as the investigation continues. what we did not learn today, and
6:58 am
the chief refused to answer any questions, is whether or not something's been done about that. if he is even still in the area right now. again, we expect to hear from the chief later today. he said he wanted to give a little time for everyone to digest what's been here to understand that, and he'll come back and perhaps answer some questions, but right now, a lot of new information in this ongoing investigation. one that is still very tense. very fluid right now, stephanie. >> absolutely, fluid situation, jay gray joining us live, thank you so much this morning. sense of hope and calm in ferguson. the outvaj spreading cross the conference. the press conference was outside of a gas that was looted and burned down on sunday. the video shows how much there was a difference between last night, overnight, it was very peaceful and a lot more calm compared to the four nights. we'll show you the video
6:59 am
throughout this morning here on nbc bay area, but back to you guys. laura and kris, a lot happening that we've learned this morning. >> all right. thank you very much, stephanie. the time is now 6:5 #, one last check of the top news. fremont police this morning searching for suspects in two recent home invasions. this happened late around 4:30 tuesday morning at a home in a high end gated community. police say two men held a homeowners at gunpoint demanding valuables and financial information. this morning, sea world announced it is expanding the habitats for its killer whales at three theme parks including san diego. the new enclosure there will almost double the size of the current one holding about ten million gallons of water. and the 49ers will host their first ever football game at levi stadium on sunday to accommodate the crowds, the team says it is beefing up traffic plan. that includes more lanes, more parking lots, portable signs
7:00 am
telling people where to go and vta will add an express bus line as well. >> that's what's happening now. live local news up in half hour. >> and join us at 11:00. have a great day. >> and a great weekend too. good morning. breaking news. the ferguson, missouri police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown identified by officials moments ago. darren wilson, a six-year veteran of the force, after five straight nights of the protest, will that information make things better or worse? stunning revelation, robin williams' wife says he was suffering from parkinson's disease at the time of his death. safe return. two young amish sisters found alive a date


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